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I’m Vikky Imani, the founder and visionary of Her Majesty, a foundation that I founded in 2014.

Her Majesty was inspired by a personal experience that made me want to see the lives of young ladies transformed. I am a humanitarian who loves being a helping hand to others. It has always been my greatest passion and desire to have a a platform whereby young ladies rediscover the seed of their purpose. I yearn to see the lives of young ladies fulfilled through discovering their true value and worth.

We are growing into women who need to know their true identity and should thrive to make changes through outstanding processes. We begin as little inquisitive girls and then become adolescent teenagers who think they know everything. However, the reality of life strikes in the long run. This in turn brings about so many downsides that impede the process of growth. Through seeking for acceptance, “likes”, attention, love and money certain barriers are created. Some of these barriers are self imposed because of a negative state of mind. No value can be formed out of negativity.

Her majesty is a platform to empower young ladies so that they sprout into strong and diligent women. Every building structure starts with a solid foundation and then brick by brick it is constructed into the architect‘s plan. As a young lady, through this foundation you will be empowered to live life in a way that will earn you the “Her Majesty" title.

/Her Majesty/

In the royal kingdom, a being of supreme greatness/authority; sovereignty